To Blog or not to Blog?

I have been a member of the Blogosphere for about 17 minutes now.  (Congratulations to me?!?!) I suddenly feel as if I have a new mission in life- besides working/eating/traveling/networking/socializing/surviving, that is.  I am unsure, however, if I will be a suitable Blogger in the long run.  How do I know if this is something that I REALLY want to do? Will I be GOOD at it??  Should I be experiencing a whoosh feeling of excitement and energy running through my fingertips into my keyboard? Or is Blogging something that sneaks its way into your everyday life, becoming a passion without you ever realizing it?

I was inspired to create my Blog (blog? What is the correct punctuation, blog world?) because I just recently began an entirely new phase of my life, and am doing it largely on my own.  I enjoy writing, and figured blogging would thus be an enjoyable way to wrap up my new experiences into tidy, neat, eloquent gift boxes of words and send them out into cyberspace to be opened, I hope, by some curious stranger in need of a smile.

So, I will attempt to candidly document my life as it flies by, most of the time winding me as it sneaks up and punches me in the chest, but sometimes pausing just long enough to let me wink at it as I think how lucky I am.  As this (relatively) Small Town Girl adjusts to Metropolitan Life in the most amazing city in the United States, I can only imagine that there will be experiences galore to share.  Whether I decide to remain a member of the Blogosphere or not remains to be seen, but I have been Blogging for 43 minutes now and I have yet to run screaming from my computer in terror or frustration, which is a positive sign.  Wish me luck.


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