okay, i lied. i needed more excitement.

So I just got back into my apartment from watching Glee.

(I promise I own a television!  I bought it on Saturday…it’s just still in my car.  I attribute the fact that it hasn’t moved in 4 days to the fact that I am super busy and am trying to lose muscle mass as fast as possible.)

I was down in my building’s “party room,” a communal room with a bunch of nice TVs that are open to whatever tenant plops onto the couch first.  I did this for the Britney episode last week, too, where I met a cute, charming, funny guy who was also into Glee.  Well, he appeared again tonight– unfortunately, the episode was significantly more somber than the one last week, causing me to burst into tears multiple times during the hour.  I could usually reign in my sobbing self over commercial breaks, pretending to be a completely normal person who merely picks at their eyelashes on a regular basis.  But when the episode abruptly ended, I was a wet disaster and had no time to compose myself.  Luckily, I was able to make a joke about how much of a softie I am, and he laughed awkwardly but (I think) bought it.  But what a way to get to know someone– crying over a dumb TV show!!  Geez.  I hope Grilled Cheesus will give me a break sometime.

We walked to the elevator together (!!!) and then he introduced himself as Mason.  Like a total IDIOT I brought up Kim/Kourtney Kardashian and how her son was named Mason, eating up the entire elevator ride with mindless babble.  To make it even worse, when he (Mason) left the elevator on floor 8, he called me Kim.  Did he just mishear my name (Jen), or was he too busy thinking about how the dumb girl in the elevator was rambling about Kim Kardashian?!?

I know I am overanalyzing this interaction, but I have an entire week to let the internal debate rage over whether I should return to the party room next Tuesday at 8 in hopes that cute Mason will be there, or whether I lock myself securely in my apartment with a bag of Ruffles cheddar & sour cream chips.

Opinions are greatly appreciated.  (Or not.)


2 Responses

  1. […] about not exercising; stalking the 8th floor of my apartment building until I spot Mason (see THIS POST) to awkwardly ask him where the laundry room […]

  2. […] smelly, pale, and slightly drunk from an earlier happy hour, when in walked on one other than MASON.  Remember him?  Cute, Glee enjoyer, eighth floor eligible man, with some sort of great job […]

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