happy hour = food for the soul

Today has been a LONG day.


By the end of work, I was at the point where I felt that my brain was going to internally combust and explode out of my ears, leaving me to walk around in a zombie-like state for the remainder of the week.  Luckily, we finished up a little early, so I narrowly escaped with my sanity still intact.  On the red line home, new work friend Lis and I decided to grab a drink in Woodley Park before we each returned to our respective apartments, crawled into bed, and became total losers for the rest of the night.


It was my first time getting off the metro at Woodley, and boy, was I in for a treat.  As I exited through the turnstile, I found THIS awaiting me:



My first thought was “This is NOT real life.”  My second thought was “There better be a DAMN GOOD drink waiting for me at the top of this thing.”  Extremely reluctantly, I stepped onto the towering escalator and started climbing.  (I make it a personal mission to always walk up/down the metro escalators as a form of exercise and to actively combat the stereotype of Americans being fat and lazy.  Unfortunately, I have found that I am usually the only one who makes it to the top without having to stop halfway and stuff a BigMac into my mouth, so I am quickly becoming disillusioned with my stereotype-defying vendetta.)  I climbed.  And climbed.  My calves started burning.  My butt got two sizes bigger.  My sweat glands released a veritable tidal wave to be absorbed by my beautiful, dry-clean only work clothes.  But finally…



You couldn’t even see this from the bottom!  You can imagine how happy Lis and I were to see the light (literally) at the end of the vertical tunnel (literally).  Gasping for air– this is not a joke!– we pushed through the doors of the closest restaurant/bar and collapsed onto the stools.  It turned out to be Medaterra, a cute little Mediterranean/Middle Eastern place with an extensive happy hour menu.  From 4-7 Monday through Friday, they offer $5 martinis, $3 margaritas, and $5 specials on certain liquors (no whiskey on this list, sadly).  Lis went for the strawberry marg and I tried a Russian lemonade martini:

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when you take a few sips of a drink and feel all the muscles in your body slowly relax.  You feel stress that you didn’t even know you were holding in slowly ooze out of your body as warm, comforting alcohol takes its place.  After a few more sips, even your toes are completely at ease, and they stop wiggling around trying to escape the confines of the pointy toed stilettos you stuffed them into 9 hours earlier.


While both drinks were delicious, Lis and I agreed that they seemed very low on alcohol.  I quickly retracted that statement, however, when I was stumbling and weaving all over the place on my walk home.  We also sampled the herb hummus, which tasted disappointingly like a parsley puree and nothing like hummus.  Our pita bread was also a little stale.  My review of Medaterra: awesome happy hour, cute atmosphere, mediocre food.  Meet here for drinks with your girlfriends before taking on the rest of the night!


Lis and I had a great time discussing work, love, college, and our new lives.  She is a really fascinating person to me (those engineers! So different than us liberal arts students), and we had a surprisingly deep conversation considering we were chugging our drinks to rehydrate after climbing the escalator mountain.  Talking about serious topics (shootings at funerals in DC, long distance relationships, sticking to a monthly budget), was like the wheatgrass shot that my mind needed to rejuvenate itself.  I could feel intelligence slowly ebb back into the cracks and crevices of my wrinkled brain, refilling it like a sponge soaks up water.


Walking back up Connecticut to my apartment, I was filled with an unspeakable happiness.  Even though I had suffered through a very long and arduous day, I still was able to have a wonderful conversation with a new friend.  I realized that sometimes it’s the truly small things in life that become the big triumphs– and you never know when you’ll stumble across a moment that can change your whole day.


So tonight I leave you with a question: What do you consider a triumph in your everyday life?


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