pennsylvania ave is officially transformed

HEY.  Is that the poster for Transformers 3?


WAIT.  Aren’t they filming that in DC?

Um, yes.

WAIT HANG ON.  Didn’t Bumblebee just t-bone a cop car on the set Monday night?



Errrrrrrrrr…no actually, I wasn’t.

But I was there last night!!!!  Yes, world, I was at the filming of Transformers 3 last night.  And yes, world, you should be jealous.  It was SWEET.

Even though I missed the t-boning of an idiot cop car by Bumblebee (watch here), I still got to crowd around the Pennsylvania & Constitution intersection and watch some pretty sweet filming.  We started out right next to the set:

That big white ball eventually lit up and was raised into the air so it literally looked like it was daylight.  Unfortunately, the annoying middle school volunteers– who were so weird and ugly this was probably the most attention they’d ever received in their entire lives– kept pushing us further and further away, babbling some nonsense about flying stunts and cars blowing up and how we might be in danger.  As it got darker, more and more police cars came to block off the street, but we weren’t sure if they were supposed to be in the movie or were just there for crowd/traffic control.

(Apologies for the poor quality– all I had with me was iPhone.)

We could see shooting going on from afar, but it seemed to be just conversations etc and nothing action-packed.


They brought a sign that said “Filming involving gunfire and explosions ahead- Do not be alarmed.”  HOLY MOLY.  That sign glued us to the street.  We waited… and waited… Glee started… Glee ended… and we still hadn’t seen much of anything.

While I would love to give this story a happy ending, it simply didn’t have one.  We all got outrageously crabby by 10:30 (we’d been working all day!), and the bleep bleep bleeping middle schoolers were annoying the bleep out of us, so we left.  I know you’re thinking that we were SO LAME, but we had work again today and it was still awesome to be so close to the set of such a cool movie.  I have a few videos of Optimus Prime and the other trucks speeding down the road, but the video upgrade on WordPress costs $59.99 and frankly, that’s a little out of my price range.  Work friend Melissa has some better pics on her camera, so when she emails me them I’ll stick a few up here.

Dear reader, are you completely and totally let down?  Don’t be.  Transformers 3 is filming through Thursday night, so go check it out!  I saw Shia from afar– he was in the general vicinity at least!!  And we did see most of the cars, which are, in all seriousness, the real stars of the movies.  Besides, how often are three of the biggest and busiest streets in DC shut down for mere entertainment purposes?  I doubt even the President can get away with closing Pennsylvania, Constitution, AND 3rd Streets.  It’s just not done.  But what Michael Bay wants, Michael Bay gets.  Even though you’ll be pushed all the way back to 6th Street, and will most likely see zero explosions, it’s still TOTALLY WORTH IT to be so close to famous people and bright lights and roadblocks and cameras.

And let’s be serious: I’m totally going to pick out a random scene in Transformers 3 and jump up screaming: “I SAW THAT BEING FILMED!!! I WAS THERE!!!”  Who is ever going to know the difference??

*****On a totally side note, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to good friend Ali, who is in Japan for a year teaching English and having a blast.  Love and miss you!!

Ali & I, summer 2010


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  1. […] was held at the Canadian Embassy, right downtown on Pennsylvania.  (Ironically, right where the Transformers 3 filming took place–I remember thinking that those damn Canadians had the best view of the action.) […]

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