Hello again, Blogosphere.

I apologize for my recent absence, but I was in Charlottesville this weekend for Homecomings visiting with other alumni and having an all-around ridiculous time.  I really cannot document most of what happened, since my mother and potential future employers can read this at any time, but just imagine the worst, most embarrassing situations that could ever happen to a recent college graduate who pretends she’s still in college– and that’s how my weekend went.  Here is me, Leslie, and Madison on Friday night– this was us at our best.  It was straight downhill from this picture on.

(And yes, fans, I was wearing Vest.  It was fortunately not harmed during Leslie’s snacking.)

On Saturday, we went to the athlete alumni tailgate, where Les and I found our roommates from the 2009-2010 school year:


Jenna, Leslie, Kat, me


Once we were at the game, we became instantly depressed because of the miserable performance by the UVa football team (a 10-44 loss to UNC).  But our spirits lifted again when we realized who was sitting behind us— PATRICK!!!

Readers, allow me to introduce you to Patrick.  Patrick was in my Anthropology of Religion class my third year, in which I suffered a miserable semester with Les, Colleen, and Moores at the sweaty hands of Professor Sihle.  The only bright spot was Patrick– he was (is?) on the club crew team, which means he had absolutely no affiliation with UVa athletics and nobody really paid any attention to him or his team.  A few days before Thanksgiving break, we were all in class (most likely wanting to kill ourselves from crippling swim practices that week– slash our entire lives), when equally famous Rower (we never even learned her name) asked Patrick what his plans for the break were.  Patrick intelligently (and 100% seriously!) responded: “Oh you know, eat…sleep…ROW.”  Well, as anybody on the swim team can imagine, we about DIED laughing.  From that moment on, Patrick became one of the most infamous people at UVa for us.  (Actually, that Anthro class gave us lots of infamous people– Rower; Bangs; that guy who told Moores to stop talking.)  So Les and I were beyond ecstatic to discover that Patrick himself was sitting right behind us at the game.  I immediately started to sneakily snap pictures of him over my shoulder, which was working great until he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what I was planning to do with the 2 million pictures I had just taken.  OOPS.  This just caused Les and I to burst out into laughter as we thought about Patrick eating, sleeping, and ROWING for the rest of his life.

Anyways, the whole weekend passed by in a blur and now I’m back to being a working woman again.  On the agenda: playing the Avoid-The-Creepy-Guy-In-The-Office game; coming home from work and actually mustering the energy to undress myself; walking up the metro escalators extra fast so I don’t feel guilty about not exercising; stalking the 8th floor of my apartment building until I spot Mason (see THIS POST) to awkwardly ask him where the laundry room is.


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