smoothie queen

Yesterday I bought THIS:

A beautiful, shiny blender!

Today I bought THESE:

Smoothie ingredients!!  Yummmm.  I’ve been on the hunt for something I can eat in the morning that is high protein, but that I actually feel like eating (my body just doesn’t want any food at 6:30 am, apparently).  So I grabbed these things from Whole Foods, threw about 1/2 cup of everything plus an entire banana into my blender, and got THIS:

A smoothie!!  Chocolatey, creamy, peanut buttery, with a hint of banana and TONS of protein.  Hopefully I now won’t have to wolf down my lunch at 10:30 am when my stomach has worked through the measly cinnamon-raisin bagel I’ve been having up to now.

It’s been a beautiful weekend–hope you’re outside taking advantage of it!  Happy Daylight Savings!


One Response

  1. OH my gosh I ALMOST bought a blender today! I saw a Bed Bath and Beyond when I was cheering on the marathon runners, but I couldn’t cross the street because that’s where they were running. Your smoothie looks like a big, healthy Reeses.

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