“i do”– dupont style

Happy Veteran’s Day, blog world!

Perhaps in honor of the people who dedicate their lives to protecting our wonderful country, the world decided to bestow the most beautiful weather upon Washington, DC.  So after sleeping in and making a quick run out to Walmart, I seized the day and wandered down to Dupont.

Dupont Circle is one of my favorite places in DC to spend time, not only because it’s chock full of young people and amazing restaurants, but also because it’s an area where people go to just hang out. There’s a park in the middle of the traffic circle with a beautiful fountain, and it’s always crowded with people eating, reading, talking, and relaxing.  (A lot of homeless people sleep there too, but that’s a little less glamorous.)  On a day like today, where a lot of people were off work and the weather was perfect, Dupont was especially packed.

I started off at SweetGreen, a really neat and adorable make-your-own-salad bar.  It uses all natural products and environmentally-friendly paper products, and is a really sweet little cafe tucked away on Connecticut.  They also have tart frozen yogurt, which is one of hands-down favorite treats.  I got a little cup of yogurt, and then asked the hippie lady who was helping me to just give me her favorite toppings.  I wound up with baked pears, granola, and agave nectar.

I put a compostable lid on my cup and walked the two minutes over to the fountain, where I plopped down and ate it all.  It was DELICIOUS.  There aren’t a lot of ways to screw up tart yogurt, but adding any kind of baked fruit is definitely a way to enhance it.  I had never had agave nectar before, so I found that it was sweet and syrupy, but without the stickiness of honey or the cloying sugar found in most sauces.  The whole concoction screamed “IT’S FALL!!!” and I loved it.  I cracked open my book (Yann Martel’s short story collection titled The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios— for more info, READ THIS) and immersed myself in the touchingly sad story.  Every once in a while I would sneak glances around the park in an act of shameless people watching, but unfortunately (fortunately?) it was a pretty normal crowd.

I stayed in Dupont for a few hours, relaxing as the sun warmed my back and a light breeze rustled the orange leaves.  As I was standing up to leave, I turned around and noticed that a young bride, in her wedding dress, had just walked into the park.  I melted with happiness for her, and was simultaneously filled with an outrageous jealousy because getting married in Dupont might be the best idea in the world.  She started taking pictures in front of the fountain, and then all of a sudden JUMPED IN THE WATER!!!

Wait a minute.  What about her dress?! Was she ruining it on purpose??  I was very confused, but I was happy to notice that I was not the only person who had whipped out their camera. One girl next to me was laughing out loud.  And it only went from weird to weirder when the photographer told her to walk under the falling stream of water, stay there, and shake her head from side to side so her hair would swing around.

Is it just me, or is this a bizarre way to get your wedding photos?  The husband wasn’t even in sight!  When the photographer told the bride to sit on the fountain under the water, it just got raunchy.

After scratching my head for a few more minutes, I watched in horror as the girl got out of the fountain, wrapped herself up in a hideous bathrobe, and dragged her beautiful, sopping wet wedding gown across the dirty, cigarette butt covered sidewalk.  I started thinking that maybe the whole production hadn’t been for a real wedding, but a bridal photo shoot instead.  That would explain the MIA hubby and the super  sexy poses.

I ran away from the bride/model/dress destroyer and headed home, thinking about how getting married would probably solve all my life problems (and for the ones that it didn’t, I could just have babies!).


4 Responses

  1. Trash the Dress! As I understand, it is when brides have a dress-destroying photo shoot sometime AFTER the wedding.


  2. What a bizarre trend!!! Why would you spend thousands of dollars ON the dress, then thousands more to document destroying it?? I’m confused.

  3. The groom was there – and considering most wedding dresses get hung in a closet, folded up, never to really be seen or worn again – wouldn’t you rather have these fantastic pictures? (and when you see them, I don’t think you will call them “raunchy”)

    Here are some of the beautiful results of the creative destruction:


    The bride, by the way, lives life 1000% – a model, a former Redskins cheerleader, a former Air Force enlisted airman and a current Navy reserve officer. She lives life on her terms and is one of the most bold, positive, authentic people you will hope to meet!

    We should all be so lucky – hope your wedding day is as much fun!

    • You are absolutely right–the photos are gorgeous.

      As a casual bystander ignorant of the photo shoot intentions, however, I hope you will understand my confusion. I come from a family where wedding dresses are passed down, and it is my ultimate dream to get married in my grandmother’s dress. So no, I would rather leave my wedding dress hanging in my closet, preserved, in case my daughter or granddaughter would ever want to wear it.

      I understand this trend of “creative destruction”– from afar. But just because I would never do it doesn’t mean I’m looking down on those who do. And I am not at all surprised that the bride is so wonderful; I admire her for having the courage to jump into a public fountain in front of a park full of people.

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