thanksgiving in a new york minute

Tonight marks the end of my wonderful New York vacation.  After a grueling 7 hour bus ride home, I’m a little too tired to go into a detailed recap of everything Caitlin and I did.  Instead I’ll just show you with pictures—worth a thousand words anyway, right?

(DISCLAIMER: Although it may LOOK like all Caitlin and I managed to do was eat everything in existence in NY, that’s incorrect.  We did lots of exciting and cultural New York things as well!)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of remotely connected friends, half foreign and half not.  I handmade some Pilsbury biscuits, and Caitlin (really) handmashed sweet potatoes.

There was also a mini Seahawks reunion– Caitlin, me, and Eric.  Yay swimming!

Eric continues to eat like a swimmer–scarf down two very full plates of food without gaining a single pound.  In his life.  Ever.

On our way to spend Friday shopping for high fashion on Madison Avenue, we found a shrine to Steve Jobs.  Or a not-so-secret entrance into Apple’s cave of wonders, where you can repeatedly drop $500 on new-fangled technology to your hearts’ content.

There were gorgeous Christmas decorations in all the streets!! It was so pretty and very festive.  Since it was Friday, I couldn’t even get mad for seeing Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving.  I don’t think any metropolitan city decorates itself quite so beautifully as New York.

MY FAVORITE STORE EVER!  Obscenely expensive and with the most decadent window displays I’ve ever seen, Bergdorf’s is like a whole different planet.  Caitlin and I wanted to try on some of the more uber-trendy clothes and take silly pictures, but we were afraid our filthy middle-class fingers touching the designer dresses would cause the snobby saleswomen to faint in horror.  So we just went outside and admired the windows:

Do you have a unicorn that needs to be clothed??  Because it looks like Bergdof Goodman has everything you could possibly need.

A book with images of all the neat window displays of the past 50 years can be bought on the 7th floor–for $550.  I think it might actually be the cheapest thing in the store, too.

After our extensive and fruitless shopping day, we reenergized with cupcakes!

We both agreed that Red Hen cupcakes were not as good as Georgetown Cupcakes or Crumbs’ Bakery, unfortunately.  That didn’t mean that we wouldn’t eat them though!

After our sugar rush, we spent the night watching Gossip Girl and…flossing.  Healthy gums are crucial, people!

We explored some holiday/farmers markets in search of Christmas presents, but were so cold we grabbed some German Gluehwein (yum!) and retreated to Wholefoods.

On our way to the Met, we were treated to some subway entertainment!  These guys were pretty good, doing flips over each other and running up the walls of the train.  It was only when one of them slammed his head on the ceiling of the train that we realized why they were so crazy.

We went to the Met to see the ancient Egyptian artifacts and Jan Goussard’s Renaissance exhibit.  However, we got completely and utterly lost in the Asian art exhibit for FORTY MINUTES, and the only way we could get out was to climb and climb and climb millions of stairs.

To complete our classy day, we dropped into a diner near Caitlin’s apartment called the Mansion.  (Is that not the most aptly named diner in all of New York?  Think of all the conversations– “Just headed up to the Mansion tonight;” “Oh yeah, everyone at the Mansion knows me;” “You can just pick up from the Mansion, please.”  It’s ingenious.)  The Mansion was amazing–everything a diner should be.  I had a garden sandwich with a fried egg, and Caitlin had an egg sandwich with a pile of steak fries.

This morning we went to a cutle little French/Belgium cafe called Le Pain Quotiden (a chain, I think), where we suffered the consequences of ordering the wrong things.  I sampled a horrendous vegetable juice medley, and Caitlin had an overdressed Asian tofu salad.  Thanks to Caitlin’s evident creativity, we were able to turn our disappointing breakfast into a Christmas tree.

But then we got more cupcakes!  Which got ride of the nasty pureed veggie taste in my mouth and made me feel way better.

So there was a whirlwind summary of my 4 days in NYC–sorry for the overwhelming amount of pictures.  What did you do this Thanksgiving?  Did you find any good Black Friday deals?


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  1. Hi! I continue to enjoy your blog hugely. For my Thanksgiving I drove Gr’ma and Gr’pa to Portland to visit Scott and his family. Greg and Kyoko also joined us. We had a good time visiting. Played a few rounds of Pit, naturally. I think the screaming overwhelmed the younger kids. Played the Wi version of Kareoke (Guitar Band, or something like that). Sweet, shy little Aarik ROCKED on guitar. I sucked at vocals. Mostly Audrey and I danced to the songs Scott and Aarik played. I went shopping on Black Friday with Kyoko, Greg, and Gr’ma. I bought a pair of Guess boots with 21/2″ heels to add risk and adrenaline to my life. I wanted to try on shoes all day. They had to drag me out of there. I grieved over a pair of shoes that were like little pieces of art, but when I tried them on they looked ridiculous–how can that happen??!? Anyway, other than the long drive, it was a relaxing and fun holiday.
    Love to you

  2. I’m so glad Thanksgiving with Scott etc went well!! My dad said that the Grandparents were really excited to see the kids up there, so it’s nice that everything worked out. I could see where Audrey would also be really good at the whole karaoke thing–her and Aarik are such cuties. I’m jealous I missed out on the rockin’ game of Pit though; that was always one of my favorite holiday traditions. Do they even make that game anymore?? If they do, I need to get it and start playing it wherever I wind up for coming Thanksgivings.
    Congrats on the boots!! Love back, Jen

  3. […] first had a Crumb’s cupcake when I was visiting Caitlin in New York City for Thanksgiving.  We had a really gross breakfast one morning (think of a pureed beet smoothie), and we felt that […]

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