delighted me

Today I SPLURGED and bought Despicable Me on DVD.  I had to.  I’ve been counting down to its release for the past month now, and practically ran to the nearest Barnes&Noble on my lunch break to grab it.

SO HAPPY to be with gru & the minions!

I am a very conservative buyer of DVDs, usually because there’s nine million items of clothing I’d rather spend my money on.  And while there are still nine million things I would like to have at this moment, I view Despicable Me as an investment–a go to solution for when I’m having a truly dismal day.  There’s really nothing like curling up on the couch on a rainy (snowy!) Sunday, watching a cute, cheery, life-lesson-filled animated movie.  I’m all for watching deep, dark, intelligent, convoluted films too, but a few weeks ago I popped Monster’s Ball in on a day I was feeling particularly depressed and I got so sad I thought the world was going to end.  So, that’s why I usually prefer to spend my $25 on a movie that will make me happier, not one that leaves me to wrestle with Life’s Big Questions armed with nothing but 8 boxes of brownie mix and 1 blog.

Despicable Me is a sweet story of the worlds greatest villain and his adventures when he accidentally adopts three sisters.  They unknowingly make his life hell before he (TA-DA!) realizes that he actually loves them.  It’s a very uncreative story line, yes, but Gru has the funniest accent and his Minions are simply to die for.

Today has not been a bad day at all, but I see that as no reason to NOT watch my new movie.  I hope you’ve had a wonderful Tuesday, and if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and go buy Despicable Me.


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