adventures of a disco ball

Happy Happy New Year!!

I am typically not a big fan of New Years Eve, because I always feel that the night never lives up to its expectations and you wake up in the morning feeling disappointed and angry with yourself because you didn’t have ENOUGH fun.  Ugh.  So for the past few years I’ve stayed in on NYE, watching movies and eating Chinese takeout.  (Apparently this routine wasn’t enjoyed by all parties involved, as my boyfriend broke up with me the morning of January 1 last year.  The America’s Next Top Model marathon must have been what pushed him over the edge.)  But this year I am a single lady (shoulda put a ring on it) and was excited for a night out on the town.  Plan 1 was the Georgetown waterfront extravaganza, but we couldn’t get tickets.  Plan 2 was no plan!  And we had a wonderful time doing whatever we felt like–including losing (and finding) cell phones, eating apples that may not have been free, dancing around in pink scarves, meeting men from New Zealand, and partying at the swanky W Hotel downtown.

The great thing about looking like a disco ball is that we could have a dance party anywhere!  Requirements: Jen’s dress.

Les, Beale, & me in my apartment.  We played a game called Dirty Minds that might be a top 5 World’s Greatest Invention.  Three clues are read aloud and you try to guess what they are describing:

EXAMPLE: 1. I go in hard. 2. I come out soft.  3. You blow my wad.

GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!!!!  Gross!!  It’s bubble gum, you pervs!!  Ha.

Michelle found a uhhhhhhh cute New Zealander?  Must have been the accent.

And I found another disco ball!!  Hooray!  Naturally, we took a picture to commemorate the joining of two human disco balls.


I hope you had a great NYE, whether you were out or stayed in, and have a phenomenal 2011.  Thanks for the memories, 2010– you were a great one!


How did you celebrate NYE this year?

I planned to have no plan with some BFFs, and we played games in my apartment before heading downtown to party at the W.  The night is so much better when you don’t set high expectations and go where the night takes you!


One Response

  1. 1. Oh my gosh we wore almost the same New Year hat! That is so special.
    2. I love your sequins, that other girl’s sequins, all sequins.
    3. So cute, all of you!

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