2011 resolutions

(in no particular order)

1. TRAVEL!! BFF Colleen is spending a year in Manchester, England (!!!) getting her Master’s degree, and I am determined to go visit her.  When I went on my Europe trip this summer, we stayed on the mainland and didn’t make it over to England, so it remains unexplored.  Unfortunately, tickets to England are not the cheapest things in the world, so I’m trying to re-prioritize my spending this year so I can make the journey across the pond.

me, colleen, & les december 2010

2.  Stay away from my trash can. Ever since the 1st Annual S’Women Cocktail Party held Fall 2008, I have been throwing up in my poor trash can when I get too drunk.  I have no idea why–I think I just did it once and now it’s ingrained in my drunken head to grab the trashcan when I need to barf.  While I am always so proud of myself at the time–“Way to go, Jen!!  You got it in something!!”–I don’t feel so smart in the morning.  Cleaning up a trashcan full of garbage and vomit is, frankly, disgusting and very embarrassing.  Thus, one of my more crucial resolutions is to put an end to this nasty habit and make it ALL THE WAY to the toilet next time I am feeling sick.  I am a 22 year old ADULT and should be fully capable of that.  (Even though the stories won’t be as good in the morning–announcing to a table of girlfriends “seriously guys, I threw up in my trashcan last night” is a pretty unbeatable one-liner.)

3.  Volunteer/get more involved. I am a very lucky person.  I have a job, an apartment in a nice neighborhood, a wonderful family, a car, money in a savings account, lots of friends, a Longchamp bag from Paris, 38 million pairs of shoes, a Bachelor’s degree, a full refrigerator, a phone with internet on it, an ambitious personality.  As I continue to explore DC, I am realizing that I have way more than a lot of people here do.  Not only do I have things to be thankful for, but I also have time.  I usually come home from work and lay on the couch watching TV.  My resolution is to spend less time watching TV and more time out helping people.  I have signed up with United Way, but ideally I’d like to help out with a local high school swim team, or work with student-athletes on their schoolwork.  Now that I am not swimming anymore, I actually have this time to spend volunteering, and I’m a little embarrassed it’s taken me this long to start using that time.

4.  Invest in some black riding boots. I understand that this resolution is a little contrary to resolution #1, but I have been mulling over my need for black boots and have decided that I really do need some.  They are so versatile!!  And such a great way to keep my feet warm/covered when I go out in the arctic winter here!!  Good black boots, however, are also not cheap, so I am collecting any and all donations.  Please let me know if you’re interested, as these to-die-for Tory Burch’s are a sweet $495.

5.  Stay in (better) touch. I have to admit that I am a very poor corresponder.  I have so many friends all over the world and sometimes it gets hard to stay up to date on all their life details.  But that is no excuse!!  BFF Ali is all the way in Japan and still manages to send me postcards AND hand-spun DJ tunes.  What have I sent her??  Errrrr…nothing.  Same with all my extended family–besides the most recent thank-you note I mailed, I have been dismally delinquent in staying in touch.  So I bought myself an adorable new address book (via Kate Spade, my new obsession) to be filled with all the addresses of my friends and family.  Hopefully once I have the addresses of everyone at my fingertips, I won’t be so lazy about dropping them a quick note or phone call.

a steal for only $12!

6.  Treat Jillian Michaels with a little more respect. This is a hard one.  Here’s the deal: I bought Jillian’s 30 Day Shred workout DVD because my ex-muscles were turning into flab and I wanted to tone them back up.  The Shred consists of three 20-ish minute workouts, combining strength, cardio, abs, blah blah blah LOSE WEIGHT.  I figured Hey, I’m an athlete, I’m in moderate shape, it’s only twenty minutes–how hard can it be?!  Well, my friends, the answer is REALLY F***ING HARD!!!  The very first thing she has you do (after the warmup that includes jumping jacks!!!!) is 45 seconds of push-ups!!!!! WITHOUT STOPPING!!!  45 seconds!!!!!  And the whole time she’s just standing there, hanging out, yelling at you while you struggle through 45 seconds of straight push-ups, and you just want to kill her.  So my toughest resolution is to not yell back at Jillian when she tells me to squat down on one leg and military press my weights and jump around in a circle and put my other leg behind my head and KEEP YOUR ABS TIGHT ONLY 438 MORE REPS TO GO!!!!! Nope, I won’t yell at her for telling me to do all this; I will simply smile and say “Yes, Jillian” and sit on the couch and turn her off.  Heeheehee.


What is your toughest resolution for 2011?

I think all my resolutions are hard!!  Between saving money, motivating myself to spend time off the couch, and being nicer to a TV personality, I’ve really got my work cut out for me.


2 Responses

  1. Effing Jillian.

  2. […] as my volunteering project came to a glorious and uplifting end.  Do you remember how one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get more involved in my community?  That resolution was the one that I probably took the […]

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