a cheesy wine & cheese party

Happy 3-Day Weekend, all!

Yesterday I put on my apron and biggest smile and played Entertainer to some BFFs.  I invited Colleen, Les, and their families over to my apartment for a wine and cheese party, and a wonderful time was had by all (I hope).

One of the downsides of living all the way across the country from my family is that, well, I’m all the across the country from my family.  I truly believe that going to school on the East coast and then moving here permanently were two of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I don’t, however, get to see the family very often, which sometimes get hard and a little lonely.  Luckily, Colleen and Les’s families semi-adopted me when I started at UVa, and they’ve been nothing short of phenomenal since.  I came up with the wine and cheese party as a fun way to say “thank you” to both families, and so they could see my apartment and the wishfully glamorous life I lead.

To prep for the party, I went out to Arlington to a wine store called The Curious Grape.  It’s a deceptively large store, packed to the brim with a wide selection of well organized wine.  The lady who helped me was very friendly, and seemed very knowledgeable about the wines she showed me.  She also gave recommendations based on wines she herself had tried, and if she hadn’t drunken one herself, she would call over a coworker who had.  I was only shopping for wine, but they also had a good selection of unusual beers in the back, which I’d like to go back and check out later.  I was expecting a wider selection of cheeses, but I understand that their main production is wine, and the cheese is more of side show.

I ended up leaving with 3 bottles of wine and a cow’s milk cheese.  The Cabernet was easily the best of the three, and I think it was only $14.99.  I went with a sparkling rose since they’re very trendy right now, and it was dry and yummy.  The last one I chose was a German Riesling, as I find that true German Rieslings are ridiculously good–they just have a bad reputation because all the Rieslings found in America are cloying and sweet.  The lady helping me swore that this one was true to the German style, and didn’t have even a hint of that American sweetness.  I was disappointed to find that it was, indeed, sweet, and even had a little carbonation, making it taste more like a dessert wine than a cheese wine.

The cheese I purchased was seriously good.  The lady told me to pair it with the rose, and the two complimented each other very well.  The cheese was a brie consistency, but had a peppery finish that contrasted with expectations.  It was pretty cheap, too–$5.99 I think, which seems very reasonable for gourmet cheese.

I’d say that 3 out of 4 good purchases is a success, so Curious Grape gets my firm approval.  Maybe my inability to find a good German Riesling here in the US is just another reason for me to move to Germany.

My party was a really relaxing and cozy way to spend a Sunday night.  Even though we were a little squished in my small apartment and had to use a hodgepodge of mismatched chairs, we were all able to get a teeny bit drunk and judge everyones dresses at the Golden Globes.  I felt like it was the very least I could do to repay two amazing families who have given me homes away from home during my time out here.


What is your favorite kind of wine?

Since I grew up near Napa and with two wine connoisseurs for parents, I feel like I’m becoming an obnoxious wine snob.  I really like dry Rieslings and Cabernets, but I honestly still buy my wines based on how pretty the labels are.


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  1. Aw that sounds like so much fun! I like mimosas because alcohol is too strong. Unless the alcohol is tequila, but that’s a comment for a different post (hopefully one that is coming soon!).

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