my productive sunday

Today I had big plans to go to the The Newseum and multiply my brain cells with a culturally enriching experience.

Instead, I spent my day…

Reading the WHOLE Washington Post. I thought this was a great idea– think of how up-to-date I would be on all the current events!!  Instead, I became increasingly depressed as I read about the drama in Egypt, the 3 year old girl who got suspended from preschool for not making it to the potty in time, and the dismal record of the Wizards.  I also made a huge mess– I don’t think I had realized how many pages comprise a Sunday Post.


So after my brain was inundated with enough sad news, and I cleaned up the colossal mess I had made, I decided I needed a snack to rally my spirits.  Thus, I went outside and…

Dug my entire car out of a snowdrift. It was barely recognizable under the mountain of snow!

Armed with my $4.99 CVS brand snow scraper, I attacked the devil snow drift with a vengeance.  (I was really hungry.)

Feeling like Muhammed Ali after his fight against whoever his toughest opponent was, I raised my arms in victory and ran around to the other side of my car to get in, and saw to my dismay that I was plowed in.

I promptly lay down in the street, hoping to get run over by the next car to drive by.  Unfortunately, the whole city is plowed in, so no one came to relieve me of my misery.  Thus, I went back into my apartment and….

Watched 5 episodes of The Tudors. Have you seen this show?? It’s addicting.  It’s all about King Henry VIII, the guy with all the wives and illegitimate children.  Since it’s on Showtime, there are no holds barred on what material is appropriate, so it’s full of sex and bad language and violence and probably very little accurate history.  But it’s a very entertaining way to pass the time,  and put me in a good mood almost immediately.  (It also made me want to be Anne Boleyn so I could seduce Jonathan Rhys Meyers and wear corsets.)

After being thoroughly engrossed with the lives of 15th century English royalty, I decided I needed some material gratification after my Sunday trials and tribulations.  Thus, I went online and…

Bought a skydiving ticket! Yes, bloggies, I am going skydiving.  I found a Groupon for skydiving in Warrenton at a highly discounted rate, and work friend Michelle and I decided we needed more adventure in our lives and bought it.  So, sometime in May or June, you can look for me in the skies, flying (dropping like a rock) with the birdies and clouds.  I promised my freaked-out mother that I wouldn’t tell her when I go until after I’ve gone, so when it’s all over and I’m safely back on the ground, I will be sure to update you with pictures and thoughts.  Skydiving is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I turned 18, and now I have finally committed myself to it!  Be excited, not nervous, for me.

So that was my completely un-productive but somehow still satisfying Sunday.  Things I’m looking forward to this week: Super Bowl parties (I hate all things Pittsburgh, so I’m rooting for the Packers), the next season of The Tudors, $2 drafts at Baileys on Tuesday, and moving one week closer to Spring.


What did you do this weekend?

I did absolutely nothing of importance, which is how I prefer my weekends.


2 Responses

  1. I loooooove you (not creepy). And…I don’t even remember what I did last weekend. Probably not a good sign. I DO remember a margarita somewhere in there.

  2. […] that one Sunday when I was supposed to go to the Newseum?!  Remember when I ended up doing absolutely NOTHING […]

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