a crumb-y surprise

Look what I found!!

A Crumbs Bake Shop!!!  Right in Clarendon!  Yummmmmm.

I wandered here with Michelle, and I ate my breakfast, lunch, and probably an extra 400 calories for dinner in one sitting.

I first had a Crumb’s cupcake when I was visiting Caitlin in New York City for Thanksgiving.  We had a really gross breakfast one morning (think of a pureed beet smoothie), and we felt that the only way to remedy the situation would be to overdose on sugar.  I had a Salted Caramel cupcake that was salty (obviously) and overwhelmingly sweet, with a runny, oozing, delicious caramel filling.  It was a perfect last meal in New York.

Although I am quickly tiring of the cupcake fad sweeping our nation, I have paid due diligence to the cupcakeries here in DC.  I found Georgetown Cupcake\’s peanut butter cupcake mediocre, and recently went to CakeLove (subject of the TLC show Sugar Rush) to see how they measured up.  I started with a salted caramel cupcake:

…and ended with a lot of left over buttercream frosting.

When CakeLove says their frosting is made with butter and cream, they mean it.  I felt like I was eating a stick of butter–I could feel my arteries building up with plaque with every bite I took.  The cake part was also dry and really crumbly, and the only caramel flavor was the drizzle on top.  Overall, I was disappointed with CakeLove, especially for a cupcakery who has bragging rights to it’s own tv show.

So after being let down by two separate bakeries, I was at the end of my proverbial cupcake rope.  When I saw Crumbs today, I was so overjoyed I dragged Michelle in and promptly bought, um, three cupcakes.

Clockwise from the top left, I got a vanilla Valentine’s one for coworker Suzannah (who suffered through the CakeLove experience with me), a chocolate-hazelnut wonder, and a peanut butter masterpiece.  I chose to eat the peanut butter one in the store, and it had a decadent cream cheese peanut butter filling inside that melt in my mouth.

The cake was soft and really moist, and there was just the right amount of frosting where I could enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed.  The little peanut butter chips around the edge provided a nice crunchy texture that worked well when combined with the cake and filling together.  Michelle and I devoured our cupcakes so quickly that the couple at the table next to us kept scooting their chairs backwards as to avoid the spray of crumbs coming from our mouths.

I am utterly content with my belly full of cupcake, and the good news is that I still have another one waiting for me in my fridge!!  Breakfast tomorrow?  I think yes.

I give Crumbs Bake Shop 2 thumbs up, plus all my toes.  I was completely impressed for a second time today, and seriously think you need to go check it out.  Definitely don’t ask me to pick something up for you, however, because I will eat it faster than you could believe.


What is your favorite kind of cupcake?  Do you have a special cupcakery that you frequent?

I love all things caramel, and the salted caramel cupcake at Crumbs has to be my all time favorite.  (Men, watch out!!  You have been replaced.)  I will now be at Crumbs most weekends, getting my supply for the week.


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