happy valentines day!

What is it about Valentine’s Day that polarizes people so much?  It has turned into a holiday marked by a war between the Singles and the Dating.  Those with Significant Others love V-Day; those without hate it.  And why is that?  Isn’t Valentine’s Day all about showing love and appreciation, not rubbing your relationship status into others’ faces?

I love Valentine’s Day, because I choose to show love and appreciation…to myself.  Isn’t having a healthy, positive relationship with yourself crucial to a wonderful life?  (I have a quote over my mirror that says “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”)  Besides, even when I had a Significant Other, I never got the exact token of love and appreciation I wanted, always leaving me a little disappointed.  Last year, Valentine’s Day fell right before my very last ACC swim meet, and only a few weeks after a rough break-up, so I was a little distracted and forgot to show myself the love and appreciation I so needed.  So this year, as I am distraction-free and job-holding, I decided to really spoil myself.

I bought myself a Kate Spade purse!

This black, patent leather, croc skinned beauty is my new work bag!  Isn’t it WONDERFUL?!?!  My old one, which is a mere 3 months old, and cost $60, has broken straps and fading color.  So, in the interest of investing, I purchased a high quality bag as a replacement, one which will last me until eternity.  (And if it doesn’t, I will demand my money back.)  I can hear my mother gasping in dismay as she reads this in California, but relax Mama!!  I got it ON SALE with EXTRA money off and FREE SHIPPING!!!  Seriously, guys, Kate Spade’s sale stuff is a really good deal, and if you sign up for email alerts, you get an automatic 15% off.

Some people like to have a Significant Other to snuggle up next to at night–but I prefer my new purse!!  Besides, flowers wilt, but leather lasts forever!  Mmmmmmm.  The sparks between us are obvious.

I danced with my new purse all night long.  He makes a great partner.

I know I am coming off as a very materialistic, pessimistic person right now.  Yes, I may be a little materialistic and brand-happy, but pessimistic–never!  I have been excited to get my new bag for over a week, and thus been excited for Valentine’s Day itself.  I am a single woman, but I do not hate V-Day!  I honestly think it’s the perfect excuse to pamper yourself a little bit–because don’t you deserve it??  Just because someone else isn’t buying you the gift doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t have it.  Love yourself!!  Tell yourself you’re worth it!!  You don’t need a Significant Other to tell you that you’re loved and appreciated.  Begin a life-long romance with YOURSELF!  Buy something special; do something special; be special!!!


How did you spend Valentine’s Day this year?

I curled up on my couch with my fabulous new bag and watched The Bachelor.  Ugh, I am shameless.


2 Responses

  1. Jen, c’mon, V-Day with BRAD WOMACK THE DOUCHE BACHELOR?! I, atleast, would have saved myself for Andrew Firestone. The hottie with a cute side smile from seasons ago.

  2. […] Last year, I bought myself a luxurious new work bag for my Valentine’s gift. This year is going to be a little bit different because–surprise!–I’ve kinda started seeing someone. (Side note–I am 97% certain that the single reason he asked me out on a date was because of my LuLuLemon running pants that make my butt look ahhhmazing.  Thanks Mom, you have saved my love life.)  Because I am completely girlfriend worthy material, I have hidden what I really want for Valentine’s Day behind choice passive-aggressive phrases, heavily disguised hints, meaningful stares at storefronts, and all around mystery.  Oh, and I also said I don’t even want to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!  So I should definitely be getting that stunning Anthropologie silk scarf I’ve been wanting, right?!?! […]

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