[horn] let’s go caps!

I have had the most fabulous start to my weekend.  Last night, I went to the Capitals-Rangers hockey game at the Verizon Center and discovered a whole new community of Washingtonians.

I was surprised upon moving here to discover that hockey is HUGE.  Maybe it’s because none of the other DC sports teams are good, or because it’s a sport that lets the usually buttoned-up politically-correct population show their aggressive alter egos, or because the Caps play right smack in the middle of downtown, offering fans endless partying opportunities for after the game.  Whatever the reason, Caps games are almost always sold out, and considering there are 82 games in a season, that’s pretty astonishing.

I have never been to a hockey game in my life, and really had no desire to before last night, so I have been totally clueless about the Caps.  (I personally find hockey too violent–I saw a CSI episode once where a hockey player was found dead on the ice, and even though everyone thought he had been murdered, his throat had been cut by another skaters’ blade in a pile up.  Ugh it gives me the shudders to think about.  Future children, read my blog post: you will never play hockey.)  But I have been paying attention to all the Caps jerseys, TV commercials, newspaper articles, and crowds at the Gallery Place metro stop, so I have become intrigued by their story and sport.

When friend (Kristen) Beales said her friend/roommate/mom could get us tickets for free, I jumped on the opportunity to join the tremendous Caps fanbase here in DC.  I proudly flaunted my Caps t-shirt on the metro, happy that I could smile and wink at 5 year old cuties without seeming like a child molester because we, my friends, were all cheering for the same team.

Our tickets were AWESOME.  We were two rows off the ice, right behind the Ranger’s bench.  It was the perfect place because we could see everything but also didn’t have to worry about the plexiglass cracking right in front of us.

To my mom’s aptly put comment on my Facebook, “just curious–how much do you know about hockey?” the answer is nothing.  I know nothing.  I kept trying to ask Beales very important questions, like why don’t the refs stop them when they start fighting?, and are all the players foreign?, and also omg am I going to get hit in the mouth with a puck?!?, but she was too busy following the very fast paced game.  (Can you imagine being an announcer for hockey?  The puck changes players every 3 one-hundredths of a second.  I bet hockey announcers retire and become auctioneers.)

I was struck by the crowd at the hockey game.  It was very apparent that hockey is a sport that transcends social divisions, which I found appealing.  The two girls in front of us could have been hookers, but they were sitting next to two young men who looked like they were in town fresh off of Wall Street.  The couple behind us was somewhere between 50 and 95 years old, and they were sitting next to a whole family, infant and all.  I saw people in Ralph Lauren polos and critter pants and some in tattoo sleeves.  But at the bar attached to the Verizon Center (the Greene Turtle, if you were wondering), everyone was rubbing shoulders and getting drunk together.  I really appreciated that; it was obvious that a Caps game (and especially a dismal Caps loss) has the power to bring people together from all walks of life.

I loved my first Caps experience–even though I knew absolutely nothing and am apparently very bad luck.  I’m hoping if I throw a shout-out to CableChar here on my blog she’ll hook us up with more tickets–playoffs perhaps??  Unleash the fury, baby!


Are you a hockey fan?  What is your team?

I’m on the fence about becoming an official “fan,” but my team is definitely the Washington Capitals.  LET’S-GO-CAPS!!


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