double sudoku

Hello, Bloggies!

I have another fun puzzle for my puzzle-lovers (cough, Dad) that, while not as challenging as my last sudoku, is new and still fun.  (Random fun fact: I  read in the Express this morning that the “father” of Sudoku, Maki Kaji, is scheduled to make an appearance at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in April.  I plan to take a picture with him and send it to my grandpa, who does multiple sudokus a day to keep his brain nimble.) 

Rules: Fill each grid so that every row, column, bold-outlined region, and colored region contains one of each number 1 to 6.  Note that the bold-outlined regions are not the same as the colored regions.

I have actually solved this one (hooray!), so no need to pity-solve this puzzle–it’s just for fun!  Good luck!


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  1. It goes pretty fast once you figure out how to work the system.

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