okay, i lied. i needed more excitement (in the elevator)

I just got back into my apartment from working out downstairs.

I was coming back up in the elevator, sweaty, smelly, pale, and slightly drunk from an earlier happy hour, when in walked on one other than MASON.  Remember him?  Cute, Glee enjoyer, eighth floor eligible man, with some sort of great job because he moved into my apartment building from Adams Morgan just because he was “tired of having a roommate.”  (And I totally get that!  Take that down for Thing In Common Number One.)  This is the first time I’ve seen him since our last awkward elevator encounter, during which he thought my name was Kim, so I doubt he remembers who I am.  Being a member of the female sex, however, I remember most all of our conversations, the kinds of flannel shirts he wore, and that his favorite Glee character is Santana (um, duh).

Tonight he was coming into the elevator with a load of laundry, which is awkward enough already.  (All one’s dirty clothes are just out for the world to see–undies and everything!)  I hate when people look at me in the elevator when I have my laundry basket, because I feel like they’re judging me based on my lingerie, so I respectfully adverted my eyes from Mason and his overflowing piles of clothes.

Me: ……

Mason: I like your water bottle!

[My water bottle!!  Thank you UVa swimming for providing me with a free conversation starter.]

Me:  Oh um oh my god uhhh yeah well uhhhh whatttt?!?!

Mason: It’s like the ones that football players drink out of!

[So um I’m going to ignore the connection between me and a football player; I know that I still have some muscle left over from my lifting days, but I really didn’t think it was THAT much…]

Me: Oh ummm no I’ve never been on a football team.

[Seriously?!?!  OBVIOUSLY I’ve never been on a football team.  Could I have come up with a less interesting response?]

Mason: Errrrrrrr… Okay.

Me: ……….

Mason: Well, have a good night!

Oh boy.  What an elevator ride.  As after my last encounter with Mason, I am left to argue with myself if I will ever take the elevator again or if I’ll take the stairs, rappel down the building, or move out (all three options seem better than running into Mason anytime soon).  I only have until tomorrow morning to make this crucial decision, so any and all opinions are welcome.  (And by “any and all,” I mean reassuring, Jen-you’re-great opinions only.)


2 Responses

  1. ❤ youre the best. ever. at everything.

    but if i had to choose, i'd vote for rappel.

  2. Hey, do you know this guy’s last name. When I saw that his first name is MASON, my mind flashed to what would be the coolest last name for him to have. And that would be LINE, but only if his middle name was DIXON.

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