if kickball was an olympic sport…we’d still be terrible

It’s a rainy Saturday in our nation’s capital today, perfect for daydreaming and reminiscing on memories past.  I’m curled up on my couch with a steaming cup of chai and the beginnings of a sinus infection, still recovering from a crazy Wednesday night.

All the 20-somethings at work recently joined the DC Kickball league, which entails a weekly game played in the shadow of the Washington Monument.  A sponsor bar offers drink specials before and after the game, which is just a recipe for disaster.  Our first game was Wednesday at 6:30, and our sponsor bar was The Exchange, a sports bar tucked away in the middle of financial high rises.

Before the game, we spent lots of time loosening up our muscles:

lis & me

Eventually we made our way down 17th to the Mall, but not before seeing….


Or so someone said–we were all suffering from slightly blurred vision at this point.  Chris swore that he saw a man waving at him from somewhere in the limo, so that’s good enough for me!!  Viewing this as a tremendous good omen, we rushed to the field to wage kickball battle against our opponents.

The grass was wet and our bladders were full from the Bud Light pitchers, so missed kicks, dropped catches, and failed slides were plentiful.  The benevolent smile of Mr. Obama must have have been shining down upon us, however, since we won our game with extra runs to spare.

We headed back to the bar, which was packed with the other teams in our league (though they were decidedly less fun than we were).  We switched from a kickball competition to a flip cup one, even convincing our waiter to fill in when a teammate ran to the bathroom.  It was a great night, one that began under the pretense of kickball but, in actuality, contained no more than 40 minutes of physical activity.  Just how I like it.

lis, al, molly, michelle

What have you done this week?  Has anything turned out more (or less) crazy than you thought?

Kickball was DEFINITELY more than I bargained for.  Three days later and I’m still paying for the pre- and post-game activities!


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