spike’s good stuff eatery

Yesterday evening, I met with my friend Darren, a fellow d-grouper on Virginia’s swim team.  In town with his family for a quick vacation, he suggested dinner together before he left.  I was racking my brain for a suitable place (cheap-ish, non-romantic, quiet enough to talk, metro-accessible, representative of DC), when I landed upon a genius idea: Good Stuff Eatery!

Good Stuff Eatery is a specialty burger joint just south of the Capitol, owned and chefed by Spike Mendelsohn, the attractive and cocky contestant on Top Chef season 4.  (I think he also came back for the most recent All-Star season, but I’m not 100% sure.)

I had heard good things about his restaurant, and he’s a trendy and famous guy, so I figured it would be a cool place to take someone who has never really explored DC.  Good Stuff Eatery is in a really cute area, on a narrow, tree-lined street with those adorable row-houses that DC is famous for, only a few blocks from the Library of Congress.  I liked the feel of the restaurant–bare bones, no pretentious decor or menus, just a man’s man kind of place (which, in my opinion, is exactly how a burger restaurant should be).  The line was a few people long, but it moved quickly.  The menu did not have a lot of choices, which I honestly LOVED.  I hate that our society feels the need to complicate our lives with 15 variations of one product–do I want scented laundry detergent or non?  Blue detergent or clear?  Energy-saving or delayed scent release?  For athletes or babies?  SO MANY CHOICES!!!!  Anyways, Good Stuff had only your basic burgers: chicken breast, steak burger, turkey burger, bacon burger, portobello mushroom.  As I have descended into 95% vegetarianism, I went with the one (only one!!  So simple.) non-meat option.  I also opted for one of the sinful-sounding milkshakes–which cost only a dollar less than the burgers–choosing the Milky Way Malt.  Fries did not come with the burger, but since I got the shake, I skipped the fries, so unfortunately I cannot report back on them.

My shake was good–very creamy and thick.  It didn’t taste a lot like Milky Way or a malt, but I couldn’t complain too much.  It was one of those shakes that is so think you’re straining to suck it out of the straw, so when yoiu finally get some all the up into your mouth, it’s like a reward for your cheek muscles.

My burger was completely underwhelming.  The bun was crumpled and cold, and the lettuce was small and wilted.  The portobello did not make for the most attractive looking “burger,” but my phone is also not the best photographer.  When I bit into it, the tastes were all there, and the mushroom had actually been fried, giving it a nice crunchy texture on the outside.

There were a number of “special sauces” to choose from too, which were mostly just flavored mayos.  I chose a chipotle mayo and a sriracha mayo, and when I added them to my burger, it was like fireworks in my mouth.  They provided some added spice that was missing from the burger, and added some depth to the whole thing.  Cute little cups were provided to hold the sauces, so I could dip my burger instead of making a mess by slathering it on.

Darren had the steakhouse burger, and he seemed to enjoy it.  (He’s a bottomless pit for food, though, so sometimes it’s hard to judge.)  We both agreed that they were not the BEST burgers we’ve ever had, but they were definitely delicious.  Spike’s other restaurant, Pizza My Heart, is right next door to Good Stuff, so that’s next on my list of places to check out.  I would recommend Good Stuff, because it’s a down to earth, straightforward restaurant, with good burgers, a nice view, and a neat history.

After dinner, Darren and I met up with Lis and her boyfriend Adam, where the two boys proceeded to drone on and on about their motorcycles.  Bored, Lis and I tried to piece together our Wednesday night (the kickball extravaganza), discuss new clothes we wanted, and make plans for the upcoming week.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!  Happy spring and GO CAPS!!


5 Responses

  1. I have to say that the burger looks totally un-appetizing, but presentation isn’t everything and from what you say it tasted pretty good.

    Had a great weekend chilling and booking a visit to the Beatles museum in Liverpool. Still can’t believe that I love The Beatles, live about 2 hours away, and yet I’ve never visited the place.

    Hope you had a great weekend too. Back to work tomorrow…Boo.

    The Hackskeptic

    • I love the Beatles! I always see stories on the news of pedestrians getting hit by cars as they pose on that one sidewalk–all for a replica of the iconic album cover. Hope you had a good visit!

  2. I am at a hotel in Madison living through your adventurous, delicious life. Millllkshakes.

  3. […] she made it to my apartment on Friday night, just in time to pay Spike Mendelsohn’s burger joint a quick visit.  On Saturday, after squeezing in a few episodes of best-show-ever Arrested […]

  4. […] last night– Bobby’s Burger Palace.  Following our celebuchef stalking trend (think: Spike Mendelsohn), we were anxious to visit the recently opened Burger Palace in hopes of sighting Bobby Flay […]

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