saturday steak night

Following in the footsepts of my previous post, I would like to share another nugget of weekend wisdom with the Blogosphere.  (The first nugget was, obviously,  to go to the National Zoo.)  Today, I am parting ways with one of my all-time favorite steak recipes–get your printer ready. 

This actually came from my mom, who probably got it from her Bon Appetit magazines, but I hold it 100% responsible for converting me to the bleu-cheese-lover’s-club, a feat which was a long, fruitless, time in the making.  It takes me back to lazy, swim-free Sundays, with early dinners and nights spent on AOL Instant Messanger, giggling over emoticons and chatrooms.  Recipes that are usually prepared on the grill remind me always of my dad, who used to slave over bratwurst until they were “roassstedddd to puuurrrrfectionnn.”  My apartment obviously doesn’t come with a grill, so the steaks can be cooked just as easily in a hot oven, but the whole process fills me with a sense of nostalgia. 

The tried-and-true Bleu Cheese Steak recipe has made it through families, boyfriends, sneaky roommates, potlucks, and refridgerated tupperware containers, always coming out on the other side with seals of approval.  The last time I was in Columbus visiting Lisa, we made this together, so it seemed only fitting that we re-create the same dinner in DC.  We served it with a heaping pile of steamed green beans tossed with butter and fresh Asiago, as well as a baked potato for swimmer Lisa.  Something about the gooey-ness of the cheese topping combined with the bite of the shallots–YUM!  I overcooked the meat a smidge, but it was all so flavorful and rich we barely noticed.  I am moving further and further towards vegetarianism, but this is one meat recipe for which I can find no veggie substitute–not that I would even want to!

Bleu Cheese Steaks


cream cheese

crumbled bleu cheese


Finely chop the shallot, and combine it with the two room-temperature cheese.  Mash together until mixed.

Cook the steak at 425 degrees.  When one side has browned, flip over, spread the topping (I find that your fingers work best here), and put back in the oven until the steak is cooked to the desired doneness and the topping has browned slightly. 


I hope you enjoy as much as Lisa and I did!



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