nationals vs. phillies vs. sweat

Today I lived the good life.

I worked for half a day, then metroed with my entire office over to Nationals Stadium for a 1:05pm Nats vs Phillies baseball game.  It was “Professionals Day” at the field, so my office managed to score some discount tickets and marketed the afternoon as a “team building event.”  My boss, who is a huge proponent of work-life balance, “strongly encouraged” us to attend, which we read as “mandatory,” so we all did.  (So many quotation marks in this paragraph! Sorry.)

Unfortunately, I do not like baseball.  I never really have–while my family, mother in particular, would be glued to the radio listening to the A’s game, and my sister would be planning her wedding to Barry Zito (with Mark Hudson waiting in the wings), I could be found upstairs planning my outfits for the week or reaffirming my love for whatever poor soul I was crushing on that week.  Nope, baseball has always been too slow, too uneventful, too long, and honestly–are those unflattering pants for real?!  The last game I remember physically being at was a few years ago, when then-boyfriend Matt promised me that a Giant’s game with him and his dad would “dude, be totally awesome.”  It was an evening game right on the San Francisco Bay, and I, in my effort to impress Matt’s dad, had shunned any sensible item of clothing for the exact shorts-and-tee-shirt combo that would make me look older than my actual 20 years.  I froze, and the only good thing about the whole night was that beers kept appearing in my hands–but then, of course, I got drunk and most likely undid any impressing that my outfit had been working towards.  In short, a terrible night.

So, I was just barely looking forward to today’s game, given my past history, but at least knowing that it would be sunny and warm, and maybe even a good occasion to tan.  Sadly, it was a stifling 94 degrees with a laughably high humidity level, and I spent the afternoon feeling like a fish flopping around the deck of a boat: gasping for air, but it just being in the wrong state for my body to absorb.

We had great seats (according to the baseball fanatics surrounding me), and everyone was relaxed and happy to be away from the office and out of their work clothes.

My favorite part of the game was after the fourth inning, when the traditional “Running of the Presidents” happened.  Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Washington, outfitted in Nats jerseys and oversized masks, competed in a race around the field.  Today, Roosevelt won handily on his Segway, but was hastily disqualified for the unfair advantage.  My main man Tom Jefferson took home the top honors, leaving me proud as a mother of the father of my university.  Apparently Teddy is always shut out from first place–join the campaign to Let Teddy Win!

(not my picture)

The game turned out to be pretty fun.  The Nats won the game 2-1, with about as little excitement or fanfare as possible.  Michelle and I, melting in our seats, snapped one picture while our hair was still presentable, and then headed up to the breezier bar for beers and a birds-eye view.

But just in case you thought I was enjoying myself toooo  much, let me leave you with this gem:

Yep, bloggies, that is SWEAT.  I literally sweated through my shorts–all the way up to my butt.  I know I could have purchased adult diapers at my local grocery store, but why bother when I can walk around a giant baseball stadium in a golden yellow, J.Crew brand one of my very own?!  Let me tell you, friends, I think the sport of baseball has something personal against me.

Hope you’re having a wonderful 4-day week!  (And not, ahem, drenching yourself in sweat in front of all your work superiors.)




2 Responses

  1. ILOVEYOU! Unfortunately, I still sit around affirming my love for various crushes. Or denying them my unrequited affection. Or calling you in a panic.

  2. My goodness, it’s a virtual FLOOD of postings after a weeks-long drought! 94 degree humid weather is sounding pretty good to us right now. It rained again today and I don’t think the temperature has gotten to 70 for at least a week. It has to do with La Nina or some damn thing. Anyway, we’ll be out there in about a week to experience warm weather in person, and maybe get a peek at those sodden shorts of yours.

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