bethany beach retreat

Last week marked the return of BFF Colleen from her studies in Manchester, England.  (It was also the return of other BFFs Les and Beales, who came home from a month long European excursion.  You can read their half-hearted travel blog here.)  Needless to say, I was over the moon to have her back, since I don’t have the equipment to BBM her nor did our schedules ever line up for consistent Skype chats.  She came home just in time for arguably the most American of holidays–Independance Day–and insisted on getting the long weekend off to a great start by taking a quick trip to the beach.  She extended the invitiation to me (she wears it wasn’t simply a courtesy invite) and I gleefully accepted (she swears she wasn’t caught off guard that I said yes, immediately infringing upon her family time).  Her wonderful family owns a beach house in Bethany, up the coast in Delaware, the perfect distance away for a quick 36-hour trip.  (Side note: this was only the second time I’d ever been in Delaware–the first was with the same family on our way home from Fran’s funeral.) 

After spending the first night in an adorable room with some stunning art by a four-year-old Colleen, we spent the entire next day either on the beach or at the neighborhood pool.  The sky was cloudless and the water was refreshing but not too cold–perfect tanning conditions.

I made sure to load up on high SPF sunscreen, as I feel it’s only a matter of time before my 11 years of outdoor swimming catches up to me (and let’s be serious: I’m 23 now.  Wrinkles are not far away.), but Colleen and I still managed to get nice a brown.  We marveled at how much better a girl feels when she has a nice golden tan; it’s not completely unfathomable to understand how people can get addicted to tanning beds in the middle of winter. 

During our switch from beach to pool, we wandered around Bethany’s boardwalk, a quaint and super family-friendly few blocks along the ocean.  Colleen and I indulged our inner tween with yummy snowcones– which was my personal treat of choice at summer swim meets years ago.  I went with the sickly sweet and notably artifically flavored watermelon, which was an excellent decision that left my mouht blood red, an effective way to ward of ambitious teenage wannabe surfer dudes.

That evening, Colleen, myself, and her parents went to nearby Dewey Beach for a drink at an oceanfront bar.  We thoroughly enjoyed the stunning sunset and took numerous photos, to the chargrin of the waiters who were trying to clear the deck for an impending night of dancing.

me & colleen

The sunset didn’t fail us:


And the photo ops just kept coming.

me & colleen (again)

We had a great time catching up (isn’t it weird how, with your closest friends, you can be apart for 6 months but reconnect like it’s only been days?) and rehashing the past few months of our lives.  I’m so glad to have Colleen back in the US, and wish her the best of luck as she applies for jobs in DC. 

I hope you had a great 4th of July!


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