artwork with instagram

Have you heard of the iPhone app Instagram?  I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed the other day, and stumbled upon a few mobile uploads that had really cool effects.  I scoured the persons profile, and learned that they were using an app called Instagram to touch up the pictures.  I immediately went onto the app store and downloaded it (for free!), and started snapping away. 

Instagram is phenomenal.  It takes super average objects and pictures and makes them interesting, funky, and just really cool.  I busily go photographed random things, and now have a mini collection of professional-looking artwork. 

my thermos

My kate spade thermos, which is obviously adorable to begin with, looks totally abstract and modern when transformed by Instagram.

metro station

The architecture of the DC metro stations has always been super retro and funky to me, but becomes frame-worthy in this photo.

Even my DIY chevron wall art (which, as we all know, is fabulous on its own) looks extra stunning with this cool effect.

My favorite feature of the app is that you can use a photo you took 8 months ago and completely transform it.  I went back into my phone’s archives and found a stunning picture of the Venus de Milo I took while in the Louvre last summer, and the outcome made me appreciate the photo all over again.

(Wouldn’t this look stunning in an antiquey gold frame?  I die.)

I totally revamped another old picture I found from when I was roadtripping down to LA last summer, and the sun was just rising over the hills as I climbed 580.  (You can just barely see the wind turbines on the right side.)  This is the new background on my phone–I love it.

I also took a semi-average picture of me and Les from that same LA roadtrip and Instagram made it vintage and full of memories.

les & me

This was when we were at Venice Beach–you can see the boardwalk tiny in the background.

If you have an iPhone or Apple computer, I highly recommend you get this free (!!!!) app.  It made me look at old things in a completely new light, and re-appreciate them in a way I never had before.


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