fall fest

Hi friends!  Hope you had a great weekend enjoying some true fall weather.

One of the things that used to excite me about being All Grown Up was the prospect of living in an apartment and throwing my own little soirees.  I would daydream about the endless chip-and-dip trays I would own, and the eight sets of coasters I would buy, one set for each holiday, and the closet full of gowns I would have, each reserved just for entertaining. 

Unfortunately, my road to this entertaining utopia has been long and twisted.  I think I broke the very first wine glass I ever purchased, and didn’t own napkins in my new place until some were gifted to me.  But, I have remained dedicated to my dream, and this past weekend it finally started to materialize. 

Given my love for east coast falls, I was determined to corral all my friends into my apartment and force them to participate in any fall-themed activity I could think of.  So on Sunday evening, everyone came over to my place for some ol’ fashioned pumpkin carving and spiked cider. 

I had made a trip to the local Crate & Barrel Outlet (HEAVEN!  New favorite place in DC.) on Friday, which had some amazing deals on decorations and all things entertaining.  I also grabbed a very handsome pumpkin at my little neighborhood grocery store, and dubbed the haul back to my apartment as my workout for the day.  I also made some really fun cupcakes from a little booklet my mom had sent me, which was stressful but ultimately ended well. 

We took all of our goodies, plus the two pumpkins, up to my roof for the last of the sunlight.  We got to enjoy the beautiful sunset, drinking warm cider and nibbling on candy corn, and I know that I couldn’t have been happier.

themed cupcakes

ready to carve!

hot cider & candies

my beautiful friends: les, beales, colleen

ali & her pumpkin, hank

my scary bat pumpkin

group shot

{Side note: the girl in the middle of the shot, next to Jen in the red sweatshirt, is my new neighbor, Rachel.  As we were getting to know each other in my kitchen, we realized that we are both from Pleasanton!  Her best friend is actually a girl who I was really close with in grade school–we have since grown apart, but we remain Facebook friends.  Isn’t that crazy?!  It really is the smallest of worlds sometimes.}

It was a great evening, and even though it got pretty chilly on the roof once the sun went down, I think everyone had a nice time.  I am still enjoying the benefits, as I have leftover cupcakes and a spotless apartment.

As another side note, I would like to take a quick second to recognize that yesterday was the one year anniversary of Fran Crippen’s death.  I know that Fran has inspired me to truly “Live Your Dash,” and I’ve pushed myself to experience new things and to take advantage of each day.  My thoughts and prayers were with the Crippen family this weekend. 

*Read a great article about Fran here, see Claire talk about her brother here, and donate to the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation here.


2 Responses

  1. Jen, I was in Redding this weekend to see G&G Narum and I told my mom about your blog. Of course, I didn’t use that word because it means nothing to her. So I said you are keeping a sort of electronic diary and that you have been documenting things like shooting guns and skydiving. She was interested to read about you shooting guns so I put her in front of the monitor at their apartment and showed her how to push the up and down arrow keys to navigate around your blog. As I was working on things in the apartment, I heard Mom laughing about some of the things she was reading. I think she really enjoyed herself. As do I when I read your musings. Love, Dad.

  2. Thanks Dad! (And hi, Grandma!) Glad to see that you’re still enjoying my posts. 🙂

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