the end of fall

Fall on the east coast is dwindling down to bare bushes and spindly branches, leaving little behind except for wet sidewalks hidden under colorful, glistening leaves.  As my favorite season ebbs away, out comes my ultra-warm Northface jacket, my hidden stash of whiskey, and my seasonal depression.  I miss the sunlight!    

Luckily the past few months have regaled us with more than our fair share of stunning autumn scenery.  Few things bring me more joy than walking down the street with a steaming cup of coffee, looking up at a fiery ceiling of crisp orange leaves, invigorated by the spicy air and clear sunlight. 

Before I burst into tears reminsicing about something that isn’t even quite gone yet, let’s all look at these–

This is Mount Vernon–the grounds are absolutely STUNNING in the fall. I can’t wait to go back for Christmas and see their storied holiday decorations.

Isn’t this foggy one so pretty? I love how eerie and almost spooky it is; we hardly ever get fog like this in DC, and it reminds me of the bay area.

This one’s a little hazy, but I loved the organic shape of the tree branches.

This group of trees is right by my apartment! It’s so nice to walk off the metro and be greeted by such gaudy colors, it really wakes me up after a stressful day at work.

This is Mount Vernon’s backyard–ahem, Mr. Washington, you were not doing too bad for yourself, my friend.

I found this dainty little maple (?) on a super urban street in Baltimore. It brought so much color to a really dreary street.

This is my absolute FAVORITE. I have no clue what kind of tree it is, but it is so ridiculously bright that I just fell in love. Looking at it, I for some reason think of an old Russian ballet I read once before bed–The Firebird–and the main ballerina’s vivid red costume.

me & beales

This is the last one–Beales and I standing on the Potomac outside Mount Vernon.


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