georgetown flea market

Happy Monday–only 11 days until I board a plane to go home for Christmas!!  Can’t wait to see my parents, my kitty, Caitlin, and my humongous collection of stuffed animals and American Girl Doll accessories.

This past Sunday, fellow Pleasantonian and my neighbor Rachel and I went to the Georgetown flea market to scout out vintage goodies and potential Christmas gifts.  I had been wanting to visit the flea market for a while, but in true female fashion, didn’t want to go by myself (at least for the first time!).  Rachel is just about done with her finals, so she took the morning off from studying and we drove down Wisconsin to check it out.

First things first–we found FREE parking right across the street!!  What?!?!?!  I literally didn’t know that this city had an inch of parking that didn’t cost you $45 to use!  It was a Christmas miracle!

Secondly, the flea market was awesome.  I like Eastern Market as much as the next preppy-but-likes-to-think-they’re-unique-and-buys-secondhand-items-on-a-very-rare-occasion girl, but sometimes it’s a little too artsy and antiquey for me.  I much prefer junky and unrefined, because it’s so much cheaper and also easier to put your own personality into it.

I didn’t see anything that I had to have, but Rachel found a vintage print for her kitchen and a cool book for her mom.  Here are some pictures–

There were TONS of beautiful old Christmas ornaments, and the boxes they were kept in reminded me of the ornaments on our tree at home.  They even looked like the orbs that my parents got when they were in Germany–super sparkly and delicate.

This is the new background for my phone!  I don’t think anything says Christmas like a big box of shiny ornaments.  My favorite one was the solid teal one right in the middle; it looked like something straight off an Anthropologie tree.

We found a teensy table piled high with breads from a little farm out on the Eastern Shore.  The guy was really friendly, and told me all about his baking techniques, his dreams for his farm, his love life, his daughter’s volleyball games, the gloves he wants for Christmas, and the new tiles he’s installing in his bathroom.  Way too much information, yes, but his breads were DELICIOUS.  Since I was stuck there in a 35 minute, one-sided conversation, I took advantage of the opportunity and scarfed down the equivalent of two loaves of his amazing Blue Cheese Walnut bread.  He also had a really dark German rye bread that my dad would have died for; unfortunately, he doesn’t have a physical shop, instead choosing to only come to the flea market on Sundays, so I won’t be able to bring any home next week.

I found these adorable little bud vases, which I thought would be perfect for the top of a dresser, maybe to hold makeup brushes. 

I also found this little plate? statue? of everyone’s best bud Mao, tucked casually between a vase and a salt shaker.  I could just imagine sneaking it onto my sister’s nightstand while she was sleeping–imagine waking up next to this guy watching over you!  (P.S. Happy 22nd Birthday, Lisa!  I promise I won’t actually do this to you.) 

This amazing frame was something that I actually DID really want, but unfortunately it wasn’t for sale.  Some lucky guy had just bought it, and when he saw me with my hands all over it, he freaked out a little and ran away with it.  It was huge–almost as tall as me, and would have looked amazing unframed on this one wall I have that’s the size of a football field.  I’ve been looking for something to put on it for over a year now, and am slightly heartbroken that I couldn’t take this frame home with me.

There were tons of creepy hands all over the place, but I could get better costume jewelry from my Grandma any day of the week. 

Isn’t this old flask really pretty?? I bet it holds way more than present day flasks do, but I also bet that it wouldn’t fit into any of my boots or the waistband of my jeans. 

Rachel and I both thought that this old collection of crystal glasses was beautiful, but neither of us really had an occasion to use them.  I felt like chugging the gas stations finest $4.99 bottle of wine out of these highballs would be criminal, so I left them for a more cultured customer.

Um, gross, right?  I saw a bunch of kiddies clustered around a table piled high with frames, and the last thing I expected to find in those frames were creepy crawly bugs.  Dead, preserved insects make me kind of squirmy inside, so even the pretty butterflies he had out didn’t appeal to me.  The children, however, thought the giant scorpion was great, and a girl next to me ended up buying one for her environmental scientist sister. 

Oh yeah, I wasn’t quite done–here’s a tarantula, no big deal.  Yum. 

This nutcracker cutie caught my eye, how festive is he?!  I looked in the back for the little thing to make his mouth open, and surprise–

–he was a beir stein!!  AMAZING.  I literally think there would be nothing better in the entire world than seeing my dad drink eggnog out of this guy on Christmas morning while we opened presents–imagine all the photo opportunities!  Unfortunately, I had no clue if this was good quality or not; I know my dad would not want to include this in his stein collection unless it was actually German.  The painting looked less than professional, and the sweet lady was asking a little bit more than I would have paid for it.  But Dad, if you would like to unwrap this on Christmas, let me know and I’ll go back next weekend and try and get it!  (Other opinions on getting this for Dad are welcome.)

I also found this adorable mini set of mid-century style furniture; I know there’s currently a world-wide obsession with couture dollhouses, and this set would be unreal in a doll’s office area. 

rachel & me

Rachel and I of course took the obligatory we-were-here photo as we left, and I actually think it turned out really cute.  I got a great deal on my J.Crew heart sweater (and I had a gift card!), and I can’t wait to wear it every single day from now until Christmas.  It’s the perfect holiday sweater!  Also, guys, Mrs. Obama wore it in a pink/orange color to a basketball game a few weeks ago which practically makes us best friends.   

Have a great week!!


3 Responses

  1. Jen, the Nutcracker stein does indeed look interesting, but my sense is that it was not made in Germany. Now for a little German language refresher. You may never have had the chance to learn the German term for beer stein. They are generally referred to as a Krug (männlich natürlich) or Bierkrug more specifically. Plural form is Krüge. Your mom and I had a memorable meal at a restaurant in northern Germany called Der alte Krug. It was in an old Fachwerkhaus that was dripping with historical atmosphere and the food was schmackhaft.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in barely over a week.

  2. I missed out on some of these things! That miniature furniture set is adorable. Thanks for the second blog shout out 🙂

  3. Jen, next time you’re near Georgetown, please stop in and meet with the Hoya AD and let him know that your cousin Jack plans on not only gracing the university with his presence, but is also planning on being a full scholarship point guard for the Hoyas. If the AD asks how tall your cousin is, mention that you need to put money in the parking meter and quickly leave.

    Maybe you could offer him a coffee mug with a picture of his future point guard? GT class of ’22.

    It was nice to see you and Lisa (although briefly) on Christmas.

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