christmas snapshots

I’m about to dive into my monstrous pile of clean clothes in an attempt to begin the holiday packing process, but thought I’d share a few photos of my supremely festive weekend first.

I think winter has finally found DC, as it has been CHILLY here for the past week.  I can’t wait to be back in the Bay Area where, according to numerous Facebook statuses, it’s mild and not too windy.  Crossing my fingers that the cold doesn’t travel with me when I head back on Thursday.

les, beales, me, thiel

On Thursday, my friends and I ventured to the White House to see the National Christmas Tree.  According to legend the news, this particular tree came all the from the Sequoyah Forest in Northern California.  On its long journey, it made numerous pit stops where children were invited to sign the protective covering over the tree, which I think is a very sweet tradition.  (Fun Fact: in this picture, I was convinced that that beautiful orb right by the Monument was the moon rising–nope, it was just a spotlight for the tree.)

We also grabbed SIXTEEN DOLLAR DRINKS at the Willard next door, which were quite tasty but still not worth SIXTEEN DOLLARS.

Also at the Willard (where the lighting was really bad, apologies), I saw my first gingerbread house!  I’ve been surprised by how hard these are to find in DC, since it seems like even homeless people in San Francisco have them.  This one, while not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, reminded me of all the ones Lisa and I used to see when we would go to SF for a weekend with our Grandparents.

les, thiel, SANTA!, beales, me

We found Santa’s Workshop right next to the Christmas tree, and took a hasty but memorable picture with Santa.

Yesterday, we went to Zoo Lights, an annual event where they decorate the Zoo with millions (??) of lights.

It’s almost embarrassing how much I, a 23 year old, enjoyed Zoo Lights.  The whole zoo is pitch black besides for the lights that they have on the trees and on displays, so you really get the full effect.  At one point we walked by a row of trees whose lights were flashing in time to music!  It was amazing.  I then and there decided that when I have enough money to contribute regularly to charity, the Smithsonian is going to be one of the ones I support.


 How great is this???


And this!!  I mean, WHAT?!?!?!  They made a chameleon eating a fly out of lights?!


A lonely wolf!


And of course, the Zoo Lights wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory panda.

I also finished up my Christmas shopping this weekend, so I am now officially EXCITED for the holiday season.  I’m going to throw on Love Actually while I pack up my suitcase and prep for the rest of my short week.

I hope you’re enjoying (read: not stressing) this last week before Christmas, and I’m sending you Season’s Greetings from here in Washington DC.


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