great falls nature walk

One of my favorite things about living in DC is, ironically, how easy it is to get out of.  The city itself is amazing, with nooks and crannies and political heavyweights hiding around every corner, but sometimes all I want to do is drive and be surrounded by silence and non-smoggy air.  This past weekend we had beauuuuuuutiful weather, and so my friends and I decided to take advantage of it and seek out some nature.

Luckily, we did not have far to go.  The national park of Great Falls is physically located just outside of DC, so after a short drive we made it to one of the most relaxing parks I’ve ever been to. 

Great Falls straddles the Potomac, so one side of the park is in Virginia and the other side is in Maryland.  It’s really interesting because just a few miles downriver, as it crosses under DC’s plethora of bridges, the water of the Potomac is muddy and brown and most likely full of bodies.  But as it plummets over the falls, the water is clear and a beautiful sea-foam green that is apparently going to be a huge nail polish trend this spring. 

The three of us picked a path and walked alongside the river for a good while.  Notable sights included the first brown poodle any of us had ever seen, owned by the most adorably foreign German family; tons and tons of rock climbers who were all drastically handsome; a BLIND woman hiking the trail with her stick and a touchingly attentive daughter; and multiple tweeners in bikinis sunbathing on the, cough, Maryland side.    

I really do feel so lucky that I have such easy access to amazing outdoorsy parks like Great Falls; it allows for such variation on weekends when I can go to a heated political conference in a drab, enclosed office building on Saturday, and then spend hours outdoors listening to a rushing river on Sunday. 

PS-Look at that SKY!!!!  Not a cloud to be found.

You can see a few rock climbing lines here, I was shocked by how flimsy the trees–saplings, really–were that the climbers were tying their ropes to. 

les & me

The Maryland side!!!

colleen, les, me


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