obx beach trip

I’m a little late on this, but a friend (hi, Ali!) dropped a not-so-subtle hint last night that my blog didn’t have quite enough “action.”  It’s funny because I feel like my life is really busy and I never have that much free time at home (during which I would, presumably, blog), but looking back at this past weekend I spent approximately 14 hours hung over on my couch in a sea of Chipotle burrito wrappers….sooo, yeah.  More blogging action, coming right up.

How has your spring been going so far?  Mine got a whole lot better when BFF Leslie and her mom rented a beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina at the beginning of May.  So anxious was I for a break from the city and the crazy-ambitious ladder-climbing Washingtonians that I took time off of work (a rarity!!) to drive down a relax for the second half of the week. 

Since it was before prime beach season, it was gloriously uncrowded and luckily the weather was perfect.  I now feel 9 billion times more attractive than I did before I left, one of those weird female things where being tan somehow eliminates all cellulite and turns pimples into cute little freckles. 

Here are a few photos from the trip, if you care to see…

cue jealousy right…now

…and again

me, beales, les

a cloudy sunset

being mysterious in front of the sunset

a little friend i made!


It’s been pretty busy ever since we got back, and I already feel like my summer plans are stacking up left and right!  I’m headed to a wedding next weekend in Dallas, and then a few weeks after that Lisa graduates (um, what?).  This weekend Colleen and I are participating in the annual Yoga on the Mall event, trying to get our ohms on while chilling in the shadow of the Washington Monument, followed by a barbecue with none other than the aforementioned Ali, who I will be sure to snap a picture with so she can get her official blog shoutout.


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