weekend recap

Happy Monday!!  I have a short week coming up, then I’m off to Dallas for a friends’ wedding.  Eeek!!  I hate losing friends to adulthood.

As promised, Colleen and I partook in DC’s free Yoga on the Mall event this past Saturday, and we decided it was completely average.  We are glad we went, but it was hot and steamy on the grass and the speaker system was tough to hear for those of us in the back.  Colleen chose to play photographer for a few minutes during a particularly boring sequence…

Following our hour of yoga, we went back to Colleen’s apartment and got ready for a birthday barbecue.  I sadly did not get any pictures with hostess Ali, but she did make this delicious monstrosity of an ice cream cake that I feel compelled to share.

It was HUGE and negated any of the water weight I had sweated out during yoga.  You win, ice cream cake, you win. 

Have a great week and Memorial Day weekend!!  No matter what you do for the weekend, my only wish is that you spend minimal time in traffic.


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  1. So honored to be part of this lovely post! Looking forward to more activities and posts this summer 🙂

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